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The best way to make money is to invest or trade in the real lmarkets. Agreed. But that is also the best way to lose all your wealth. If you have a plan you think works on the real market, it’s better to try them out where the punishment isn’t as severe and the dangers aren’t of your capital getting wiped. 98% of people lose money in the markets. And they lose heavily. Before you have attained an expertise, it’s better to play it safe with less stress and great rewards. Or even if you are an expert, you could always test your skills and enjoy, all while making money.

You can paper-trade. It's a great way to learn. The problem is you feel no disappointment, anger, frustration, betrayal, sadness when you’re wrong in a paper trade. In the real markets, all these feelings will overwhelm you and will force you to make many, many mistakes. There is an extremely good chance you will wipe out your initial capital within the first 90 days, if you haven’t faced your true self. Games on MyStockMate will make you familiar with these feelings. Besides, it's fun.

Nothing is exactly like the real markets. MyStockMate though, has designed games specifically to get a closer feel of the real markets.

MyStockMate hosts a variety of one hour contests in which users can participate. The user is able to select his team of five stocks. Users can assign captain and vice captain to any of the five stocks.

After one hour, when the contest is over, the user will be able to analyze and monitor the market movement of stocks in his team and will be able to understand the market flow.

We allow every contestant to see what others are doing. Breaking down their entry points and credits. That gives you an idea of why the winner turns out to be the winner. You get to learn from them. More than anything you also understand what you did wrong.

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